the beginning step catering business

Catering business is a business which is popular in the culinary field . At every opportunity and the moment we often encounter a variety of delicious food served by attractive by caterers. Box Catering is a business venture is suitable for those of you who like to cook and want to have my own business . This effort has a greater chance at being in the big cities such as Jakarta , Surabaya , Bandung and others . Due to the economy class average height makes people always look for a practical and effective , although ultimately the cost is greater. Bisnis Catering di Jakarta , though it was a lot , but it will not run out of the market , given the huge opportunity , especially with all the mega development plan to be an ideal capital .

There are various levels in this effort . But usually starts from first home-based business . Tingat home catering business is a catering business that caters orders up to a hundred people . As a beginner who worked on this effort alone you should begin to serve the order in stages .

Catering business is divided into multiple segments based on where the

1 . Catering house , covering rantangan or Box Catering for household , order a buffet for a social gathering / study , 20-100 weeks to order rice box and order rice cone portion .
2 . Catering is a catering school breakfast / lunch for school children . Usually served in a basket / drum special children’s meals .
3 . Catering office , the office employees rantangan , rice box or buffet to feast / celebration in the office .
4 . Araca catering special events / ceremonies such as weddings and celebrations . generally using a buffet system , but sometimes coupled with the rice box and order cone .

Capital required

1. Cooking utensils to cook 100 portions for example could be done with existing cooking equipment in households that do not need to rush to invest just to buy new equipment.
2. Room / kitchen for catering home, do not need a special room set up, but you should order your kitchen in such a way as to facilitate the work and add a special shelf to place cooking equipment.
3. Special racks for kitchen spices. If I need to give the place a label on each seasoning to ease the process of cooking.
4. Finance. As a beginner, you usually can not owe alias still use their own capital. Capital you need to shop for groceries around 60% of the price of food ordered. For new customers it would not hurt you to ask for a down payment to minimize capital.
5. Payment is due. This payment system is necessary if your business is growing and you start routinely taking orders in large quantities. If you routinely order the chicken or vegetable butcher / vegetable subscription, you can pay with tempo 1-2 weeks. Because it involves belief in a timely try though catering your payment has not been paid by the buyer.

Promotion strategy

Show attention and appreciation to friends / employees who have helped to promote your business so that you get the next order. Need not be expensive. For example, give pan of baked macaroni pudding or a jar of cookies. With attention / bonuses. She will be happy to help promote you. To start you can also use the special prices, for example with the label “Catering murah di Jakarta” or others that can attract customers. After quite a lot, can you raise your price to a normal level and prepare a strategy next.

Hopefully the above tips can be an inspiration and add insight to those of you who are interested in the catering business.

Good luck!


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